Client: 21shares AG
Year: 2023
Place: Zurich, Switzerland

A fin-tech company that bridges decentralized finance with traditional finance by creating cryptocurrency indexes you can buy on a standard stock exchange.

Rebranding the most profitable name under the umbrella without causing an uproar among current clients, establishing clearly that it's a subsidiary of and making it look like it's actually a fin-tech company instead of a banking institution.

Client: Holding1
Year: 2019
Place: Krakow, Poland

A legal-tech service that provides the latest legal updates about the business owner's industry in an easy and understandable format.

Creating a logo that's friendly and modern instead of relying on serif filled legal stereotypes.

Client: House Construction
Year: 2021
Place: Doha, Qatar

A house construction and interior design company.

Create a logomark that would not fall into the area of generic house construction symbolism. Since the business is targeted at high income clients, the logomark has some ancient greek elements to make it look a bit classic.