Enjoy a collection of my animations, made using either Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro.
Client: 21shares AG
Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Year: 2023

Promo created for shareholders that summarizes the extend of the design work that went into rebranding 21shares - one of the most recognizeable names on the Swiss fin-tech landscape. All illustration work and the website concept used in the animation are done by me as well.
Place: New York, USA / Zurich, Switzerland
Year: 2022

An animated history of, a crypto company that started with just a single product (HODL - launched on the Swiss SIX exchange) and grew into a considerable player in the crypto space by building bridges into the future of finance.
Client: Amun Tokens
Place: New York, USA
Year: 2021
Following the Ancient Egyptian mythos of the Amun brand, this animations presents the discovery of a new treasure - the very first Polygon Ecosystem index. Inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones, the aim was to make it feel mysterious and exotic.
Client: Demo Effective Launching
Place: Kraków, Poland
Year: 2019
A spot created to celebrate the agency's 30 years of existance, as well as highlighting it ranked first in creativity in 2019 according to "Media and Marketing Poland".
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