About me
I'm not going to tell things like "I'm the best designer in the world" or "I have X years of experience in the industry which makes me great". No. Most designers are trying to say those sort of things anyway and I feel like my work should speak for itself.
What I can tell you though is that I'm first and foremost a problem solver. Clients on a professional level expect results, not just pretty artworks that will work great on their social media. In order to give them great results, you have to identify the problems that they're trying to resolve first - for instance why exactly does a company need a new logo, a re-brand, a new website, a new key visual etc.
You might be thinking - ok, what makes me better in this area than others? Well, the truth is that I don't have an art degree. I have a master's degree from the best law school in Poland. During days in college I was working on finish my studies, over nights and weekends I was polishing my design abilities, learning new styles, new software etc. That gave me a very specific set of skills (not Liam Neeson specific) because I may be a great, precise designer but I think like a lawyer who is constantly focused on the results. Just in a different industry.
Over the years I created over 80 logos, almost 20 brand identities, dozens of illustrations either for key visuals, web design or poster work and not one single time did I get complaints either about the quality of my work or it's effects on the market.
Here's hoping you will be the next one for whom I will have the privilege to create something amazing and tailored for your needs!

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