Brand identity for an innovative legal-tech service
aimed at Polish business owners.
Agency: Demo Effective Launching
Brand strategy: Jacek Sadowski, Marcin Maciejewicz
Copywriting: Bartosz Biernacki, Jacek Sadowski
Creative direction & design: Jerzy Zareba
Animation work: Jerzy Zareba
Conceived at a time when a lot of business owners were confused by constantly changing laws during the coronavirus pandemic, Allex is an on-line service that helpes in getting just relevant legal updates about the user's industry in an easy and understandable format.

The challenge was to create a visual language that would make the service look friendly and easy to use. That meant breaking the rules of the legal world, where serif fonts, sharp edges and toned down colours are dominant. As a result the brand's identity has more in common with social media services and tech companies than law firms or judicial institutions.