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21.co has been established as the parent company of Onyx, Amun and one of the most recognizable names on Switzerland's fin-tech landscape: 21shares. The need for an umbrella brand became apparent when the ambitions of the founders started outgrowing the original concept of having just the original triad of crypto related ventures.

My role was to figure out the visual direction, the company's logo, colors, fonts and icons for various usage. I also co-designed the website and created some animations that assisted the launch of the brand.
Although the number 21 itself is pretty symbolic in the crypto space and references the fact that there will be 21 million Bitcoin in total, the arc in the logomark has a deeper meaning. It symbolizes the journey from two financial systems we find ourselves in right now, which often not only don't work together but even fight each other, to a world where there will be only one - probably consisting of elements known both from traditional and decentralized finance.
The illustration style evokes blueprints, which is fitting for a company that on one hand is supposed to be a platform for all of it's sub-brands, but on another serves as a guide in the crypto sphere for external parties. The key visual is a futuristic crypto city with a bridge leading to it, which is another visual way to highlight the company's mission.
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